Nova Southeastern University Virtual Postcards

I wanted to send some of my friends postcards from NSU, but the bookstore didn't have anything with pictures of the University, so I decided to make my own. Annnnnd, here they are.

Library, Research and Information Technology Center

This is the Alvin Sherman Library, Research and Information Technology Center. It's one of the largest libraries in Florida. It is the repository for the Florida State Archives and serves NSU and Broward County.

Interior of the Library, Research and Information Technology Center

The Library is just as impressive inside as it is from the outside. Students can work in the labs or check out a wireless laptop and work in the stacks or in the cafe.

An LRITC Classroom

Most classrooms are fully wired and all have wireless connectivity for students who would prefer to use their own laptops.

Parking Deck

Covered parking is available for everyone, including students. It's a good thing, too, because it's either hot as blazes or raining at any given moment.

the Loch Nova Monster

The campus has several lakes and many of them have fountains, but only one has the Loch Nova monster.

The SCIS Building

The Graduate School of Computing and Information Sciences building on Griffin Road (now gone) was a little less grand than some of the others.

The SCIS Patio

That was somewhat OK because we had a covered patio.

The Carl DeSantis Building

And besides, fancy digs came our way when construction on the Carl DeSantis building was completed in late 2003. (This picture was while the building was still under contstruction.)

The Carl DeSantis Building in 2013

Ten years later, here's the DeSantis Building in 2013. Pretty fancy!

Drs. Cannady, Brown, and Seagull at Brown's poster presentation.

Drs. Cannady (left) and Seagull (right) with the newly-minted Doctor Brown, who is behind the electric-blue NSU tie, at the January, 2014 poster session.

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